The ManBearPig: You Better Take Him Cerealy…

The ManBearPig, aka MBP (formerly the ManDood) eats, sleeps and drinks sports…literally. He is a hairy muscular mass made up of one-half Man, one-half Bear and one-half Pig that feeds on leather, plastic field turf and 20 gallons of gatorade a day. After years of fearful misunderstanding and persecution by none other than Al Gore and the United States Federal Government, MBP is finally recognized as a peaceful Sports God-fearing lover of everything from curling to football. Now he spends his days in an undisclosed location (provided with funding from the Fed) writing on the part of American culture he loves the most. He specializes in the world of college athletics but certainly enjoys rousing debates covering topics like the merits of MLB players in the steroid era, Lebron James’s legacy and NFL QB comparisons across the generations. Still, he’s open to the diverse international landscape of spectator sports and won’t stop until he has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all. True happiness to MBP lies in the purity and competition of sport on the field, court, pitch or pool. Indeed, there’s only one warning his fellow Halfwits have about this otherwise peaceful creature; you don’t want to see him when he’s drunk…


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