Bears and Technology: The Future

Born in a zoo to a half-crazed momma bear and a grizzled giant of a papa bear, this clawed behemoth has grown up with dreams of going where no bear has gone before – the world of technology. Since cub-hood, this burly bear has been watching humans from his enclosure and studying their strange devices. After this careful study of humans he has grasped the knowledge needed to operate them.  When he finally broke out of the joint he managed to swipe a couple of these devices. Now residing in a hunters lodge somewhere north he began to fumble with his stolen computers. In one he found a file titled Doom. After opening the file and immersing himself in the world he was instantly drawn to gaming. Since that time he has excelled at only two things: causing mayhem in order to find new computers/devices and gaming. He is a Braveheart woad-wearing warrior bear who dreams of making the actual world like his virtual ones. These dreams lead him to find the latest technology that will one day turn him into a bear with robotic appendages and shoulder mounted rocket launchers. His natural gift for raiding both the real and virtual worlds has made him overly aggressive but inquisitive in nature. Far from expert (he’s a fucking bear) but much further from novice, The Bear comes to this congregation of halfwits offering his experience in gaming and his eternal study of all things digital and electronic. Follow his updates to find in-depth reviews on Gaming and Technology each week.


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