Extra-Terrestrial? Try Enormously-Talented.

Ever since Void first entered the political arena his thoughts and opinions have been instrumental in molding the brains of creatures around the galaxy.  His strikingly good looking appearance, coupled with his godly skills on the basketball court make him a formidable opponent on and off the court.  However, due to his birth into a family of intergalactic royal family he is now seen as a shining light to bring progressive thought that transcends gender, planet, color, and political preference. Recently, his travels around the Galaxy have brought him a land called Earth to try to understand and analyze the humans and their political problems. Void has held of the role of inter-galactic mediator for over 634 eons (9 months for earth beings) and has traveled light years to accomplish what he has set forth to do.  Through this venture of epic proportions he will embark on the most exciting of journeys around the human world.  Void will provide for homo-sapiens an analysis of the most pressing matters in the human world today.  In conjunction he will enlighten his new bipedal friends on some of the more amazing and awe inspiring places around the world.  His journey will uncover breaking international issues and exploring the many places man-freak call home.


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