I’m gonna be a STAR! Once I get my back shaved…

At the age of 2 the Baby Sasquatch unknowingly terrorized his first camp site.  Following the scent of a chocolate bar, B-Squatch walked blindly into the camp of four 16 year old girls.  When all he wanted was a hug, all they wanted to do was run. Leaving him behind with all of their belongings, the misunderstood mammal sat alone churning through their pink duffel bags.  Eight hours of iPod battery and 16 People Magazines later the 9 foot tall beast had found his calling.  He was destined to follow the lives of the rich and famous.  For many months he tried to make friends with the visitors of his forest but alas, no one understood him. Instead they left him with more music and more juicy celebrity goodness as they fled.  Armed with these magazines and a slew of iPods, B-Squatch has left his hairy cave-mates in Saskatchewan for the streets of New York City where he does his darndest to blend in amongst the rockers and celebs, absorbing all the music and gossip a 400 lb savage can handle.  Follow this buzzworthy beast as he keeps you posted on the latest in music and pop culture.


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