Citizen Cope @ City Winery- 3/16

Clarence and the Wine

D.C.’s “most soulful export since Marvin Gaye.   -The Washington Post

Last week I had the pleasure of catching my fourth Citizen Cope concert at the FANTASTIC City Winery in Soho.  For a hairy wonder like myself, I don’t often find myself in comfortable situations outside of picking daisies and flipping golf carts, but City Winery is one of the most uniquely welcoming places I’ve ever been to, and my new favorite concert venue.

I had seen Citizen Cope aka Clarence Greenwood in London (actually met him on his smoke-break) and twice in Columbus, Ohio.  This show was a wee bit different however as it was Clarence solo, minus the back breaking beats and horns.  This is where a true songwriter shines and Cope did just that.  Playing nearly his entire catalog of songs, Cope captivated the 300+ crowd of winos for nearly two hours.

The thing that gets me about Citizen Cope, besides his dreads and slurred speech, are his topics of songwriting.  The streets of Baltimore, crime, drugs, violence and love are all mixed into his uniquely twisted sound that manages to come out in this fluid beauty that no one else can sound like.  Trust me, girls love this stuff and girls often love pretty sounds, but Cope does it while appealing to everyone from sorority girls to street hustlers.

I’m almost positive he plays an out of tune guitar and he barely even strokes it as he moans about his gambling friend George or a night when he got shot in the eye by Judas.  If you’re looking for a real kick in the pants go take a listen to “Salvation”.  And if you’re looking to make kissy with your girlfriend, turn on “Sideways” or “Holdin’ On.”  She’ll melt.

The guys got it all, he appeals to everyone and he’s got this unique soulfulness that I’ve got a hard time finding in anyone else.  He rarely says anything on stage besides “thanks for coming” and you can’t find many interviews with the guy, so he’s a bit of an anomaly.  Theres one thing that we can agree on though, the dude knows how to croon.



200,000 in Counterfeit 50 dollar bills

Pablo Picasso

Bullet and  Target

Every Waking Moment

Back Together Again

Healing Hands

Hard Times Ain’t Hard to Find

Appetite for Lighting Dynamite

Dartagnans Theme

Holding On

Out on the Weekend

Suns Gonna Rise


Hurricane Waters

If There’s Love


Brother Lee

Encore- One Lovely Day

If you don’t know him, go get him.  You wont regret it.



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