Bad Girls Onlyzzzz!!!!OMFGROFL

I’ve finished a marathon.  I’m exhausted, sweat still pouring from my forehead.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been this tired before yet I don’t sit still.  It was long and as much of a trial as I anticipated and I’ve emerged from the other side a stronger person.  Years of training have brought me here.  I just watched three full episodes of Bad Girls Club.

I’d like to remind anyone who reads this blog that I am a 23 year old male who loves any sport that involves a ball and wears a Carhartt.  I know how to start a fire and could fix your flat tire (rhyming unintended) and here I am! Check me out world, I’m neck deep in name-calling and inadvertent nip-slips. But I’ve picked out some magic amidst the makeup.

The brilliance in the show is exactly what differs it from every other reality multi-casted show out there; these girls embrace their characters on the show.  There’s no villain here, no girls next-door.  There’s no “mother figure” and no class clown.  Only bad girls allowed, and there’s no apologizing for it.

"I'd like to take this time to expound on the events unfolding in Libya..." is not what she said.

A catch phrase like “play with it and rotate” could never be said by anyone unless they had 100% confidence in what they were saying.  If “play with it and rotate it” came out in any conversation that didn’t revolve around an automobile, I’d probably take a play off.  Enter Char.  She doesn’t sit down for anyone, I mean no one.  She is the self proclaimed boss of the LA mansion and the bad girls that reside within. A seasoned-vet of chick fights, Char has become the inevitable chasm between this dysfunctional group of females, spawning ‘minions’ to use at her disposal.  Like tiny sand crabs they scurry across the velvet carpets listening and plotting their next attack on each other, forever ending with a shoving match or Char yelling at an invisible person located somewhere above her forehead. Throw in a Playboy shoot, a sea of champagne and you’ve got entertainment for the whole family.

There’s something about non-competition reality programming that seems to have a lasting effect with fans.  There is a relationship that gets built between the characters and their fans, and it’s a relationship without repercussions.  You can be guilt-free when siding with a roommate because you aren’t going to catch a high heel in the eye for defying the minions.  You’re looking through the window and always come out scratch free.  Like most popular shows these characters are given the opportunity develop. Voting someone off every week never allows the shows to develop a storyline, a character arc that helps you relate.  Shows like Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club stick with fans because they can check in with their people once a week and see what kind of shit they got themselves into now.

With that said, BGC is an escape.  It’s tough if you aren’t ready for it.  I had enough girlfriend time clocked with Oxygen that I knew what to expect, but if you were flipping through the channels looking for Meet The Press and landed on BGC then you’re in for a rough couple hours.  However, if you can look past the gloss and bright lights you might find yourself in that same spot on your couch, two hours later, thinking the same thing I am…  ’I need a shower.’



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