Why did this almost government shut-down look like two fat kids fighting over the last piece of cake?

This almost government shut-down came down to the age old fact of who is going to get their way. The Republicans in the House believe that the government is spending too much money and want their to be budget cuts because they believe that tax payer dollars are being ill-spent. The Obama administration and the Democrats do not believe in this spending cut and especially do not believe in the Republicans plan to reduce the national debt. As we can see it is a match to see who’s dick is bigger and these politicians stubbornness almost led to millions of American being affected negatively because of it.

I do not understand how their thickheaded reasoning could propel them to almost shut-down the government because of this bickering. Common ground needs to be found because we can all see that the Republicans have a goal to crush any attempt the Obama administration makes to try to push further program spending that they do not approve of. This is meant to lower the federal budget because Republicans feel it is getting too “involved” in people’s lives. I for one do not understand what that means because I feel it is the governments job to protect and provide for its people and that means that everyone does their bit along the way to help. I feel that there are a lot of people who seem unwilling to help their fellow man through paying taxes. I know that nobody gets excited about paying taxes, but those who make more should give more and those who make less should not have to give as much. I understand that those who may give less get a disproportionate amount of the services those funds are appropriated for, but that is the reason those funds are there. To try and give these people a better life because they do not have the luxury of being wealthy and comfortable.

I feel that some people are misconstruing the government’s involvement as an invasion of privacy when it is not that at all. I don’t feel that helping others and providing them with services that make their life more comfortable and up to the standard a developed nation should be is that much to ask. I know that maybe my money that is taxed is not always going towards the programs and services that I am passionate about. It can go to bailing out big banks that I find to be huge crooks, but it can also go towards helping a family where the breadwinner has lost his or her job and my taxes are making sure that they have enough money to eat. Those type of programs make me happy to know that my money is being well spent and it is helping those who actually need it.

Hopefully the people making the laws will understand that we as people all have a obligation to help others. I don’t care which party does it, but they need to make sure that their personal issues with each other does not get in the way of their real job to help the American people. Too many people rely on the actions of a few and when these unnecessary stalemates occur it does nothing to help our country.


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