Hello, old friend…

When I was just a wee-sasquatch my mother got me (after much begging and pleading) the classic Green Day ‘Dookie’ cassette under one condition: I could only listen to “When I Come Around”, the least explicit track on the album.  I abided of course as I was but 800 years old (7 human years), however only underneath my own roof!  LOOPHOLE FOUND.  #BABYSASQUATCHWINNING

It didn’t take long for me to burn out my ‘Dookie’ cassette, I listened to it non stop for probably a year.  I was the master of popping it in and out of my walk-man and into my gigantic boombox.  Now that the age of the iPod is upon us, it’s gotten lost in the shuffle of my hundreds of albums and been lost for quite some time.  I’m in that ‘I need new music’ phase when you can’t find anything you want to listen to on your iPod but luckily I stumbled upon my old friend a few days ago and have had a hard time turning it off since.

Check it out... my guitar hides my dong.

For me, what sets Green Day apart is the signature Billie Joe Armstrong songwriting style.  His lyrics off ‘Dookie’ are those of a punk teenager but his melodies are of a seasoned musician.  For a three piece punk band to make radio waves must mean there was a reason for it, and it’s Green Day’s ability to write mind wrapping hooks.  “She”, “Welcome to Paradise”, “When I Come Around” are just a few of those examples.  The album is chock full of hits, here are some of my favorites below:

“She” is possibly my favorite Green Day song ever.  Watch Billie Joe as he freaks out a bit before the song with his classic ADHD ramblings.  Listen, I understand even rock stars have to grow up sometime, and I know Green Day has come out with some amazing albums since ‘Dookie’.  But I miss this Green Day.

“Welcome to Paradise” is surf rock after it got its ass kicked by three kids with spiky hair.  The descending melody in the chorus is classic and been covered by countless bands, none of which who can do it with the attitude of Billie, Trey and Mike.  Once again… I miss this Green Day.

I think a little under appreciated fact about Green Day is Mike Dirnt’s (bassist, vocalist) contribution as a singer to the band.  Not only does he have some pretty unique and defining bass lines, but in “Pulling Teeth” he sings pretty much the whole song in perfect harmony.  For a three piece band, any musical addition can help and Dirnt basically adds a fourth instrument in a lot of these tracks with his harmonies.

Go give it another listen.



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