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Hello, old friend…

When I was just a wee-sasquatch my mother got me (after much begging and pleading) the classic Green Day ‘Dookie’ cassette under one condition: I could only listen to “When I Come Around”, the least explicit track on the album.  I abided of course as I was but 800 years old (7 human years), however only underneath my own roof!  LOOPHOLE FOUND.  #BABYSASQUATCHWINNING

It didn’t take long for me to burn out my ‘Dookie’ cassette, I listened to it non stop for probably a year.  I was the master of popping it in and out of my walk-man and into my gigantic boombox.  Now that the age of the iPod is upon us, it’s gotten lost in the shuffle of my hundreds of albums and been lost for quite some time.  I’m in that ‘I need new music’ phase when you can’t find anything you want to listen to on your iPod but luckily I stumbled upon my old friend a few days ago and have had a hard time turning it off since.

Check it out... my guitar hides my dong.

For me, what sets Green Day apart is the signature Billie Joe Armstrong songwriting style.  His lyrics off ‘Dookie’ are those of a punk teenager but his melodies are of a seasoned musician.  For a three piece punk band to make radio waves must mean there was a reason for it, and it’s Green Day’s ability to write mind wrapping hooks.  “She”, “Welcome to Paradise”, “When I Come Around” are just a few of those examples.  The album is chock full of hits, here are some of my favorites below:

“She” is possibly my favorite Green Day song ever.  Watch Billie Joe as he freaks out a bit before the song with his classic ADHD ramblings.  Listen, I understand even rock stars have to grow up sometime, and I know Green Day has come out with some amazing albums since ‘Dookie’.  But I miss this Green Day.

“Welcome to Paradise” is surf rock after it got its ass kicked by three kids with spiky hair.  The descending melody in the chorus is classic and been covered by countless bands, none of which who can do it with the attitude of Billie, Trey and Mike.  Once again… I miss this Green Day.

I think a little under appreciated fact about Green Day is Mike Dirnt’s (bassist, vocalist) contribution as a singer to the band.  Not only does he have some pretty unique and defining bass lines, but in “Pulling Teeth” he sings pretty much the whole song in perfect harmony.  For a three piece band, any musical addition can help and Dirnt basically adds a fourth instrument in a lot of these tracks with his harmonies.

Go give it another listen.



Slippin’ and Slidin’

Posted because everyone should know this song.  A beautiful rendition of “Slippin and Slidin” by the very talented Justin Townes Earle, a NY based singer-songwriter.

Dave Grohl: Mr. Rock n Roll

Where is rock n’ roll?  What music do you hear on the radio these days that you’d classify as rock n’ roll?  I have a hard time classifying anything that comes from my car stereo these days, mainly because there are just too many elements that go into that singular sound emanating from your radio.  There’s an r n’ b hook with a reggaeton beat and a funk bass line with some whirling classic rock keys.  What is that?  I don’t know.  Most of it hurts my senses.

What I do know is that there’s a guy still leading the charge on the war against beat machines and the auto tune army.  He goes by the name of Dave Grohl.

I'm smiling because I'm sitting on a pile of cash in which I earned by melting faces. Kisses.

Most people know his back story, iconic drummer for the legendary ‘Nirvana’ and front man for rock-gods ‘The Foo Fighters’.  Also he has a list of about 1000 side projects that are 100x better than any shit anyone else can come up with including ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ and ‘Them Crooked Vultures.’  But he has managed to transcend into the mainstream and remain in the spotlight for almost 20 years as a rocker.  People know his name as a drummer, they know his name as a guitarist and as a singer.  Fuck, they know his name from being playing the Devil in Tenacious D’s “The Pick of Destiny.”  His lyrics are honest, his guitar playing is hard and his voice growls like a black t-shirt wearing bear.  He is rock n roll.

I want to be friends with Dave Grohl.  He cracks jokes on stage, is constantly snapping his gum and usually has a red solo cup full of beer next to him.  He is the body of rock n roll.  From his mop of a hair to obscure tattoos and unkempt beard, the man has the look and the music to back up anything he says.  Here’s some of my favorite Foo/Dave Grohl videos. Enjoy:

“Everlong” might be the best song Grohl has written. An amazing hard rock love song that can’t be classified as a ballad because if you couldn’t hear the words you’d think you’d be headbanging just as hard. Here Dave goes solo for the first 3/4 of the song in the middle of the 90,000 seat Wembley Arena where Foo Fighters sold out two consecutive shows. Rock.

I think people forget how long the Foo has been around. Heres “My Hero” circa 1995, only one year after the death of Kurt Cobain and the official end of Nirvana. I think it’s a little known fact that the first Foo Fighter album was recorded by Dave alone, he layered all the instruments on top of each other. It was the first music Grohl had made since the death of his former lead singer and turned into one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Love this video. Let’s put the band in a burning house and have a dude run in and save a bunch of shit. Hence, My Hero.

Here’s a little behind the scene footage of Mr. Grohl during the recording of the “Them Crooked Vultures” album. If you haven’t listened to them, stop what you’re doing and make it happen. I’m sure at some point I’ll be writing about them, cause they bloweth the mind. Just a funny video showcasing the normalness/humor of america’s greatest rock n’ roller.



Bad Girls Onlyzzzz!!!!OMFGROFL

I’ve finished a marathon.  I’m exhausted, sweat still pouring from my forehead.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been this tired before yet I don’t sit still.  It was long and as much of a trial as I anticipated and I’ve emerged from the other side a stronger person.  Years of training have brought me here.  I just watched three full episodes of Bad Girls Club.

I’d like to remind anyone who reads this blog that I am a 23 year old male who loves any sport that involves a ball and wears a Carhartt.  I know how to start a fire and could fix your flat tire (rhyming unintended) and here I am! Check me out world, I’m neck deep in name-calling and inadvertent nip-slips. But I’ve picked out some magic amidst the makeup.

The brilliance in the show is exactly what differs it from every other reality multi-casted show out there; these girls embrace their characters on the show.  There’s no villain here, no girls next-door.  There’s no “mother figure” and no class clown.  Only bad girls allowed, and there’s no apologizing for it.

"I'd like to take this time to expound on the events unfolding in Libya..." is not what she said.

A catch phrase like “play with it and rotate” could never be said by anyone unless they had 100% confidence in what they were saying.  If “play with it and rotate it” came out in any conversation that didn’t revolve around an automobile, I’d probably take a play off.  Enter Char.  She doesn’t sit down for anyone, I mean no one.  She is the self proclaimed boss of the LA mansion and the bad girls that reside within. A seasoned-vet of chick fights, Char has become the inevitable chasm between this dysfunctional group of females, spawning ‘minions’ to use at her disposal.  Like tiny sand crabs they scurry across the velvet carpets listening and plotting their next attack on each other, forever ending with a shoving match or Char yelling at an invisible person located somewhere above her forehead. Throw in a Playboy shoot, a sea of champagne and you’ve got entertainment for the whole family.

There’s something about non-competition reality programming that seems to have a lasting effect with fans.  There is a relationship that gets built between the characters and their fans, and it’s a relationship without repercussions.  You can be guilt-free when siding with a roommate because you aren’t going to catch a high heel in the eye for defying the minions.  You’re looking through the window and always come out scratch free.  Like most popular shows these characters are given the opportunity develop. Voting someone off every week never allows the shows to develop a storyline, a character arc that helps you relate.  Shows like Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club stick with fans because they can check in with their people once a week and see what kind of shit they got themselves into now.

With that said, BGC is an escape.  It’s tough if you aren’t ready for it.  I had enough girlfriend time clocked with Oxygen that I knew what to expect, but if you were flipping through the channels looking for Meet The Press and landed on BGC then you’re in for a rough couple hours.  However, if you can look past the gloss and bright lights you might find yourself in that same spot on your couch, two hours later, thinking the same thing I am…  ’I need a shower.’


Citizen Cope @ City Winery- 3/16

Clarence and the Wine

D.C.’s “most soulful export since Marvin Gaye.   -The Washington Post

Last week I had the pleasure of catching my fourth Citizen Cope concert at the FANTASTIC City Winery in Soho.  For a hairy wonder like myself, I don’t often find myself in comfortable situations outside of picking daisies and flipping golf carts, but City Winery is one of the most uniquely welcoming places I’ve ever been to, and my new favorite concert venue.

I had seen Citizen Cope aka Clarence Greenwood in London (actually met him on his smoke-break) and twice in Columbus, Ohio.  This show was a wee bit different however as it was Clarence solo, minus the back breaking beats and horns.  This is where a true songwriter shines and Cope did just that.  Playing nearly his entire catalog of songs, Cope captivated the 300+ crowd of winos for nearly two hours.

The thing that gets me about Citizen Cope, besides his dreads and slurred speech, are his topics of songwriting.  The streets of Baltimore, crime, drugs, violence and love are all mixed into his uniquely twisted sound that manages to come out in this fluid beauty that no one else can sound like.  Trust me, girls love this stuff and girls often love pretty sounds, but Cope does it while appealing to everyone from sorority girls to street hustlers.

I’m almost positive he plays an out of tune guitar and he barely even strokes it as he moans about his gambling friend George or a night when he got shot in the eye by Judas.  If you’re looking for a real kick in the pants go take a listen to “Salvation”.  And if you’re looking to make kissy with your girlfriend, turn on “Sideways” or “Holdin’ On.”  She’ll melt.

The guys got it all, he appeals to everyone and he’s got this unique soulfulness that I’ve got a hard time finding in anyone else.  He rarely says anything on stage besides “thanks for coming” and you can’t find many interviews with the guy, so he’s a bit of an anomaly.  Theres one thing that we can agree on though, the dude knows how to croon.



200,000 in Counterfeit 50 dollar bills

Pablo Picasso

Bullet and  Target

Every Waking Moment

Back Together Again

Healing Hands

Hard Times Ain’t Hard to Find

Appetite for Lighting Dynamite

Dartagnans Theme

Holding On

Out on the Weekend

Suns Gonna Rise


Hurricane Waters

If There’s Love


Brother Lee

Encore- One Lovely Day

If you don’t know him, go get him.  You wont regret it.


Straight Shittin on Thugs: “The First 48”

Everyday when I retreat back to my cave, sometime around 7pm; I club myself a goat and park in front of my favorite invention, the TV.  Once I’ve settled in my enormous chair of twigs and rocks, I pick up my remote and dial into my new favorite escape: The First 48.

For those of you who have yet to be overtaken by the mysteries of The First 48, the show follows teams of detectives all over the country during the first 48 hours of a murder investigation.  It’s a statistically proven point that if a significant lead is not uncovered during those first couple hours, the murder case generally goes unsolved.  Which sucks, especially when it’s on TV.  So you REALLY want these guys to solve the case for two reasons 1) catch the bad guy, get a killer off the street and 2) avoid feeling like a supermodel just blew in your ear, grabbed your junk and walked away.  LET’S GET EM!

"Shark related? No, I don't think so. Glock related? Yes, it appears it was."

The show is so real it’s scary, for real.  It makes ‘The Bachelor’ cry for it’s mommy.  We are blessed with unprecedented access to what happens once a murder is reported. We’re taken through forensics, search, interrogation and (fingers crossed) conviction.  Picture  ‘Cops’ but without the DUI’s, wife-beaters and 70 year old prostitutes.  Plus there’s an ending (usually) and you get to see the real work that goes on inside the police station. All from the comfort of your own home.  Or cave.

On The First 48 it’s homicide-time, all the time.  These camera men have no problem getting up close and personal with a dead body, something I will probably never understand and the detectives have more charisma then any cast member on ‘Big Brother 97’.  It’s real action and real emotions.  I heart it.


The Mother of Mind-Fuck: Sgt. Caroline Mason

Some of these detectives are the real deal.  Straight out of a mythical world of awesome crime-solvers, these live-action cartoons put thugs in jail for fun.  Equipped with top hats and cell phones from the ’90s, these sleuth’s solve crimes the old fashioned way, on the streets. My favorite person on the show is the glorious diva immortalized above: Sergeant Caroline Mason of the Memphis Police Department.  She’s my boo boo and she loves making criminals cry.  Her high-heels are modern day spurs and beneath her fur coat she’s got a glock and a six pack.  Before she goes out to collect her bad boys she curls her hair at her desk.  She’s superwoman.  However you haven’t seen shit until you’ve seen her interrogate a 29 year old gang-banger.  She’ll be your best friend, your mother and your reaper all within a span of 5 minutes.  She turns grown-ass men into poodles.  It’s an artform.  She’s the Picasso of Mind Fuck.  If she looked me in the eyes long enough I would just start confessing to crimes in shear terror that she was going to claw me with her 6 inch finger nails.

For real though, ya’lls should watch The First 48. It’s the realest reality show out there and it’s as compelling as it gets.  If you can watch five minutes and still change the channel then you’re missing something.  I’ve got a whole new appreciation for the men and women of law enforcement.  I’m not crazy about the ones who hand out jay-walking tickets, but the ones who use real problem solving to catch criminals are sweet in my book. So give it a shot because we KNOW we all need better programming.  And most importantly it’s Sasquatch approved.



Have you heard of these guys? Seriously they’re SOO good. I’m a huge fan.


"Hey while you're over there, will you dust my Grammy's? That's right, all of them."

That’s probably what you’re going to be hearing from now on when a person brings up The Black Keys.  Now that they’ve scored every commercial from Cadillac to Bob’s Discount Furniture, The Black Keys have arrived.  After thousands of concerts and years of neglect from the radio, The Black Keys have broken into the main stream and into everyones iTunes library.  Chances are that 90% of the people buying their music now were turned on by the huge success of “Tighten Up” and the unrelenting assault on our TVs through the commercial medium.  These same people probably are oblivious to the fact that these guys aren’t newbs on the music scene, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been pounding the pavement for the better part of 10 years and have now released 6 full studio albums.

Excuse me while I fuck you with my guitar.

I’m jealous of these new fans, much like I envy anyone who get to start LOST from the beginning and are taking the ride for the first time, these fans now inherit an entire library of mind blowing rock.

It’s bittersweet having your favorite band launch into the celebrity stratosphere.  Never more will I be able to be that sweet-ass kid at the party who’s plugs in his iPod and with a stone cold death stare says “check this out.”   But there’s a bright side: there have been few silent moments where I have felt as proud as when Dan and Patrick beat out Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend for “Alternative Album of the Year” at this years Grammys.  Those bands generally get their toes sucked by the academy, and two guys without a schtick generally get over looked. Also:  A) Because I’m convinced that AF is a group of 20 weird Canadians that are just really good at banging on things in unison. 2) Vampire Weekend is the 2nd option on Google behind “Vampire Diaries” FAIL.  III) Dan and Patrick are real guys.  They thanked Akron, Ohio (where the boys grew up) in their Grammy acceptance speech and acknowledge their homeland at the beginning of every live show.  They’re also two of the most sarcastically funny bastards you’ll ever come across (See here: )

I drum and I drum good.

But enough of this Sasquatch-on-Man-Crush, these furry ears love one thing the most, that’s their music.  So here is 5 songs you may not have heard of.  For all you new BK fans (welcome to the fam).  Now you can pretend that you’ve liked them for more than a month.  Click the titles to listen.

1)  Thickfreakness

-The opening ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooowwwwwwwww’ from Dan’s guitar makes every hair on my body (all 932,000,000,000 of them) stand straight up, leading into an opener of epic proportions. The title track of the bands 2nd album, Thickfreakness is just an excuse to rock.  All four times I’ve clawed my way into a Black Keys show they’ve blessed me with this as the opening track.  An incredibly simple song standing alone on Dan’s howl and guitar riff with Patrick’s vicious beats. Neck-snapping shit.

2)  The Lengths

Feeling mellow?  A little lovey-dovey?  This Sasquatch often does and The Black Keys have just the ticket.  The Lengths is a truly beautiful track with a sound that they’ve yet to revisit.  Off the “Rubber Factory” album Dan gives his best attempt to croon an unwilling lover.  Need a soundtrack for your next apology to your girlfriend?  Look no more.

3)  Your Touch

– “Magic Potion” was the bands first studio album (previously all their work was recorded in a basement and in an abandoned warehouse) and Your Touch was the first track to get some true recognition.  Let us not forget, this is a TWO man band.  Do yourself a favor, close your eyes, put this track on 12 and tell me you aren’t sonically pleased.  Dan’s supercharged guitar is louder than ever and Patrick surfs right on top of the melody, let us go deaf.

4)  Work Me

– Probably one of the coolest things any band can do is dedicate an entire album to one of their heroes.  What’s even cooler is if you can pull off that artists songs in a full album.  What’s even cooler than that is if you can get that artists wife on the album leaving a message on the boys answering machine saying how amazing the album was. Enter The Black Keys.  Work Me comes off the Chulahoma” record, a complete album of the late Junior Kimsbrough’s songs, one of Dan’s heroes.  Done in only the way the Keys can do, Junior’s wife, Mildred, left a voicemail for the boys which was left on the album as a hidden track.  In the message she says, “it makes me very proud.”  What have you done lately, Arcade Fire?

5) Stack Shot Billy

– Always a crowd favorite, you’ll be the cool kid at the party if you request this track.  Stack Shot Billy tells a terrifyingly awesome story about a dude getting popped in the back of the head by a guy wrecked on cocaine.  Don’t hold back Dan, there’s no kids listening.

Study up music fans, these guys are going to be around for a while.  Don’t get left behind, you’ve already got enough catching up to do.